Freezing !!!!

So today is my non working day now I work a 9 day fortnight……… so I was up at 6.30  and having just finished the rounds …… part 1 I am brewing a lovely cup of decaff and thawing out. It was touch and go this morning as to whether or not Kate went to college but she set off eventually having helped with the pigs.

Kate is finishing the second year of her Agriculture course at Moreten Morrell College in Warwickshire. This year she is studying forrage crops and machinery and with her thirst for knowledge it has been a real bonus to our venture. Business management is not covered in the course but we are hoping that with Kate’s past experiences at Arthur Anderson and Deloitte and obviously my previous experiences as a Saturday girl in a Health food and Herbalist shop, and selling buns for Dr Barnardos at school…. we may just scrape by!

We have just had 2 rather disturbed nights as Russel has been under close observation in the caravan due to missing his jump into the car and doing something funny to his leg. As he is usually in the barn Kate slept out in the main part of the caravan to keep and eye on him……….. re chewing and peeing and other things. However it was Benson who was the unsettled one and had Kate up to let him out 6 times last night. I have declared Russel fit today so tonight …….. back to our usual beds.

So this morning, the wind has added an extra chill to the air. The water is frozen but should thaw out soon. The chickens are catered for by these ball cock drinkers, so they refill on demand……… excellent ! So it was just a case of lifting off the ice!




We have three of these drinkers and they are very useful and do save time.

So then a quick trip up the lane to feed the ewes and part 1 of the rounds is done.

Their current field is on the other side of the lane and just above the horsey field………. that trailer just the other side of our hedge is where  tack and feed are stored.

Ok that is enough…….. my coffee is drunk and I had better get on with the rounds part 2 and chop some wood for tonight……… a woman’s work and all that!

One thought on “Freezing !!!!

  1. Ali & Pete

    Glad that I don’t have to get up early in this freezing weather to do the rounds! Thinking of you both and hope to see you soon. A&P xx

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