Freezing February !

I am blogging today from a toasty warm caravan, and outside is slushy snow! We are reeling from a crazy day yesterday….. the overnight temperature had dropped to – 7 and although we had not frozen……… all the water in the barn had……….. as well as the obvious water pipes to the external taps……… theis was the first time the barn was waterless.

So first thing, which took from first light until lunchtime we were filling water containers in the shower

and thawing out chicken drinkers on the top of the stove !

 It is amazing how un caravan proud we can be when we need to be!

So water and food for every one was our first essential……… the second one being to sort out the pigs fencing.

We contain our pigs in their enclosures with assistance from electric fencing. Currently ………we are dependent on battery power and when a battery gets low the pigs sense it and go walk about. If they do go through the fencing it then starts earthing out where it touches the grund and drains the battery even quicker. As we are working at producing high quality pork produce we have quite strict feeding regimes for each batch of weaners, and breeding stock….. dependant on numbers and age. So a few pigs in the wrong place can throw all of that out, and also the bigger pigs will eat the smaller pigs rations 😦 So despite the extreme weather we worked from dawn until dusk looking after the livestock and sorting out the fencing.

oh and it snowed horizontally ……….

Russel saw his first snow and played out with Meg who came to stay, with Charlotte, who did not get much chance to play as we worked her very hard! But we did let her sleep in the caravan 🙂

And we fed her

Roast leg of pork with braised red cabbage and apples, with sour dough bread.

And we were all in bed by 9 sleeping the sleep of the exhausted.

And today………. slush ………water not frozen and a chance to recover and do some indoor jobs………… oh yes and the pigs are all in the right place 🙂

3 thoughts on “Freezing February !

  1. linda Bywater

    Bet Ali will be glad to come to work for a warm and a rest 🙂 Happy days!! You were in my thoughts this cold weekend, glad you all survived. xx

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