Sometimes it is tough at Willow Farm :-(

We are having an adventure here at Willow Farm, we are so fortunate to be actually living the dream, trying to make it work and generally having fun in the process.

However it does depend on us being healthy and currently I am a bit poorly with a rotten sore throat, swollen glands and ache all over. Now it was alright Wednesday and Thursday cos Kate was around and Lisa was working hard too. However today I am home alone and not feeling much better 😦

If it wasn’t so cold it would help……… although the caravan is toasty warm.

Kate is off delivering pork orders to Derbyshire and picking up some lime on her return. She is fairly exhausted and tomorrow is delivering to Malvern and then off to Oxford to collect some more weaners. We are planning on doing nothing but the essentials on Sunday.

It is like there is a sheet of ice over everything this morning, making somethings look really pretty.

What I did manage to do yesterday was get on and order some veg seeds etc on line and update our veg plot spread sheet with chores. Both Kate and I are now very profficient at writing lists !

Anyhow I am off to lie down once more, another bit of wood on the fire first maybe……. oh yes…. Benson is a very happy warm dog 🙂

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One thought on “Sometimes it is tough at Willow Farm :-(

  1. Linda Bywater

    Ahhh you poor soul, life is just not fair !! Very interesting ice pictures although the first one had me bewildered. It looks a bit like the sort of sugar work you see in posh resturants and on Master Chef 🙂 Get better soon xx

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