Slightly tough but better day at Willow Farm

Today I did not cry 🙂  Mainly down to the fact that at last I am feeling better, but also the team is around today so busy as we are many hands will make light work.

Kate is sausage delivering and weaner collecting today………. but first job was to get the big bag of lime off the back of the truck.

Pure physics really.

Other jobs done today included ……….. fencing in the naughty pigs ……. again. That was the main job last weekend but like groundhog day……. it needed doing again today.

So they now have their own separate circuit of electric fencing and green net fencing around that…. belt and braces but we dont want them to teach the new batch any bad habbits.

Talking of which… the new batch arrived just as it was getting dark! 9 eight week old Saddleback weaners…… I cant wait until it is light enough to see them.


Benson had a good day as the sun did shine .

Yes a  slightly tough day today, but showered and ready for bed by 7.30pm .. I think tomorrow could be even better:-)

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