Lambing live 2012 preparation.

Last year was our first solo lambing here at Willow Farm. Prior to that we had been on a lambing course in Derbyshire, and Kate had had lambing experience at college. We lambed 4 ewes, very small numbers, and it was quite exhausting and emotional, respect to those who lamb 100s.

But so worth it!

So we are getting ready for the start of March when we begin Lambing Live 2012. We are in a better place than this time last year……… oooops Peter and Susan don’t get me wrong. Living with Kate’s Mum and Dad was brilliant, and so essential to our project…. we will always be very grateful and it was fun and gave me a chance to really get to know them, and for them to see probably more of me than they ever wanted! No what I meant was this time last year we were in planning application melt down…… living in Droitwich and so very very stressed as our dream had a huge hurdle to get over. So it was only about a week after we moved in up here that we started lambing and well we were not really used to living here let alone ready to face the rigors of lambing.

So this year I am feeling very positive… and the lambing rota is filling up………. but if you are just a little shy in coming forward … don’t be we would love to share the highs and not quite so highs with you!

Anyway today we moved things forward. That is the royal we……….. Kate and Katrina  sorted out the hay and straw in the barn and got suitably rashy and sneezy….. and they tried  to move the little caravan……… renamed Lambing Central onto the pad in readyness.

Katrina is the newest addition to the team……….. we met her by way of the Fruiterers Arms, and she has been up a couple of times this last week and pitched in with great enthusiasm. It is lovely to have her help and to have made a new friend 🙂

So anyway moving the Lambing Central into position was not easy.

  it involved Kate and Russel getting quite muddy.

you can see why I can’t wait until we have a washing machine here on the farm!

 Russel did some lounging around on his own.

Now blog followers …….. I do just have to mention how ……… despite not really being part of the workforce today……… I still did manage to have a very useful part to play .

Kate and Katrina were struggling to attach the caravan to the tow bar on the truck. So I did that very annoying thing of asking them if they had thought of ……… all the things they had already tried……….. the tractor hitch………. wd40……….. hitting it with the lump hammer………. and then

this is the mechanism………… anyway I looked closely at the button thing on the bottom of the lever and when we pushed that….. where it said press…… it worked. They were slightly less appreciative of my help than I expected…….. but we got it moved:-)



4 thoughts on “Lambing live 2012 preparation.

  1. linda Bywater

    If you are still looking for people for your rota, Alice and I will sign up for whatever is required. I did obstetrics and Alice makes great tea and coffee. What more do you need ? 🙂

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