The Love of a Younger Woman !

Ok so this obviously has nothing to do with the title of this blog, but I do like this photo I took of Kate yesterday morning as she started morning rounds.

I also like these photos I took of the new piglets

 So the love of the younger woman eh!! Camilla one of our gilts was hogging this morning i.e. looking for a bit of hog company. Unfortunately Alfred our hog ( boar) was invilved in a bit of a menage a quatre with Pam, Dawn and Sapphire. So we needed to do daring do to matchmake for poor Camilla.

So undetered we moved Alfred to a new batchelor pad.

with the able assistance of James.

We spruced Alfred up a little to make him look at his prime….. which of course he is at !

And meanwhile Camilla partook of a little sun bathing

I think she is smiling 🙂

So this afternoon we took Camilla over to Alfred’s pad and he was very keen.

And Camilla was a little shy !

So we will wait and see what tomorrow brings !!!

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