Lambing live 2012 ……… almost

Kate has worked wonders over the last week, with a trusty band of helpers and we are almost ready for lambing. The barn has been tidied and emptied of all things unnecessary for lambing and filled with the necessaries.

So the first 12 ewes are gathered and getting used to their maternity suite.

The mothering up pens are ready and we so nearly are too!

The weather is improving and having lit the fire this morning, when the sun came out, I was roasting in the caravan, so ventured out with the camera and took a few snaps.

The animals were enjoying the warm weather too.

and haven’t the little ones got brave!

and once more we are debating the pregnancy state of our sows!!!!!! Come on girls…….. is she or isn’t she?

this is Sapphire who is a lovely sow we bought in recently, she has already had a couple of litters, so has saggy boobs!

She gets on well with the others.

the final 6 ewes are still enjoying the grazing outside as they are not due until April.

We are not expecting anything to happen until the weekend, and our friend Sharon arrives on Saturday, so we will have another pair of eyes , ears and hands on deck.

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