Lambing Live 2012 The Pregnant Pause

According to Wikipedia ……..A pregnant pause (as in the classical definition, “many possibilities”) is a technique of comic timing used to accentuate a comedy element, where the comic pauses at the end of a phrase to build up suspense. It’s often used at the end of a comically awkward statement or in the silence after a seemingly non-comic phrase to build up a comeback. Refined by Jack Benny, the pregnant pause has become a staple of stand-up comedy.

We are currently experiencing this……….. ie the sheep are in the barn, the barn is set up ready, Kate is ready……. our lambing rota starts tomorrow morning .and I think the sheep are ready.

So there is definately a build up of suspense……….. there are certainly many possibilities……… just we aren’t laughing yet as the punchline is awaited.

It is slightly nerve wracking, although we don’t expect to start until the weekend ………. but there is an element of suspense in the air!!

they are definately pregnant…….. so something has to give !!

Patience I suppose, and there is that saying isn’t there ……… be careful what you wish for!!

So I will sit patiently in the caravan and wait for my Tesco delivery, due between 10 and 11.  If only everything could be predicted so finely.

If all this talk of lambing makes you think of mint sauce ……….. you can order your half lamb via the website by filling in a contact us form … then Kate will contact you. We already have severell orders so don’t delay.

And don’t forget we now do local deliveries in our swanky van and use a courier service for deliveries further away 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lambing Live 2012 The Pregnant Pause

  1. Sam Merridale

    Hope all goes well, that they all (and you!) come through it swimmingly, and that we have heaps of photos of new lambs by next week!

  2. Lynda Peachey

    These latest photos are terrific! The barn looks fab – great set up! And the strip outside the caravan looks very well-tended 🙂 Here’s hoping for a very productive week-end All the very best to the ewes of Willow Farm and to yous too x

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