Lambing Live 2012 ….today must be the day !

So a new day

and still only one shearling lambed her beautiful single ewe lamb on tuesday. So I am back to work today and bet it will all happen while I am not here.

 As Kate is at the butchers in Droitwich  today ….sorting out the sausage and 1/2 pig orders we have for delivery tomorrow…. so it is even more likely!

We are so grateful to our lambing helpers as without them we would be on our knees by now. Dale and Ali  S. are around today along with Sharon, who will be sleeping, as she did the night shift last night. This lets Kate get on with the other stuff, and yet still be around when needed. Last year we did not have so much other stuff to do…. it was also all in 10 days not the 60 we are expecting this year.

So watch this space … I will blog later if there is any news…. if this little lamb has some play mates!

website link ………. littleblackpig

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