Lambing Live 2012 update and also our Dry Cured Bacon wins a Silver Award :-)

What a day…….. where to begin?

It was a beautiful morning and Tara who had been on lambing duty last nght had had a quiet night.  I got up early at 6, mainly not to disturb Kate who was sleeping soundly, and also to help with morning rounds.

We had Lisa and James both working today and also one of my coleagues from work, Amanda, and her daughter were coming to pick up their 1/2 pig freezer pack……….. lovely pedigree saddleback meat butchered to their requirements and including the heart… as requested! Not only was she coming to collect her order but they were wanting to pitch in and muck in for the day!! The more the merrier 🙂 We had such a productive day……… I drove around in the van, taking washing to Droitwich, shopping for sheep food and molasses, dropping Sharon at the train station and delivering another 1/2 pig order to another customer… Dawn came and collected her sausage order and a new customer from The Black Country came to collect his meat. We moved pigs…. .cleaned out chickens……… set up pig pens and dimantled pig pens and then at 5 ish the ewe we had been concerned about started to go into labour!

Ooooops some pictures …. keep up!

Before any pictures of the newest lamb …….. just look how these bony girls areshaping up

This is Tuesday’s lamb !

And this bobby dazzler was born on thursday ………….

and today’s lamb ……….. well currently is being very noisy in the barn having just got lost from his Mum…..oh yes it is a boy 🙂 and is now reunited and penned up with his Mum.

And now we wait to see when his twin arrives .. or not .. but surely we must be due a twin!

And just to brag about our award winning bacon……… well those of you who avidly follow us will know we entered our sausages into the Great British Banger competition and got a Silver award …….. well we sent off a pack of 8 rashers of our Dry Cured Bacon to the Bacon Connoisseurs’ week competition: ‘The Red, White and Bacon awards  and we have been awarded a Silver award 🙂

A not very good photo of the certificate  but you get the idea! To say we are chuffed to bits doesn’t even begin to tell you how proud we are 🙂  I am very proud of Kate because the bacon and gammon curing is something that she has learnt as a totally new skill and we are very pleased with the results and now …. this award is great. Of course we will be entering again next year……..

So currently Tara is in the lambing shed, Kate is asleep, ready for midnight when she takes over…… and I am all dressed up in my waterproof overalls, sweltering in the caravan,… oh no I am not I have just had th call from the barn! ………………….

Ok so our little ram lamb is an only child too. Maybe tomorrow we will get a set of twins or two !

our website link is here …………

2 thoughts on “Lambing Live 2012 update and also our Dry Cured Bacon wins a Silver Award :-)

  1. Ali & Pete

    Congrats on your silver award and your 3rd lamb! Wish I was on the farm with you today but am off to Lincoln again tonight ready for work in the morning. Hope to see you again soon. Love Ali & Pete xx

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