Lambing Live 2012 …….. continues!

Well Lambing Live continues but at a snails pace! We have 18 ewes to lamb and so far we have lambed 4!! So those of you coming to help out later in the month or over Easter… don’t worry, you won’t have missed it 🙂 Kate keeps on telling me… and reminding herself, that it is a marathon and not a sprint……… so we are sleeping when we can. Kate is in bed now, her Dad, is on lambing watch……… and I am making sandwiches for tomorrow, tidying up a bit and blogging……… I am off to bed just after 8, all being well!

Yesterday was a god day, Emma and Dale helped move the last 6 ewes up to the barn to join the others. We thought we would do it while Kate was asleep, and it was not a piece of cake.

So it was a matter of moving these sheep up the field , through the gate and into the barn. As we are feeding them currently, we thought they may follow the bucket all the way.

They didn’t.

So I hooked up the trailer and we walked them down to it.

Then we added them to the remaining ewes.

All done………

And the twins were not too disturbed.

And the ewes and lambs out side just watched and wondered!

So that is it really, for now. There is no sign of anything happening this evening, It is rather cold, but the fire is lit in the caravan and I have damp washing draped all around drying so have the perfect excuse to keep it burning. Benson, the dog, has his coat on!

Contact us via our website if you want to enquire about any of our produce……… 


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