Lambing Live 2012….. a busy day.

So I did the midnight til 8 shift last night and same again for me tonight, so I slept today until 12…. I am off to bed again soon after some of our home produced faggots 🙂

As I left for bed this morning one of our first time mums was showing early signs of lambing and by the time I was awake lunchtime .. so was another.

You can see here the balloon appearing, which is the sack encasing the lamb.

Here she starts to push………

 And then this one had one foot out and his head and one foot still in…………

So Kate helped a little…….

She then tickled its nose with some straw to get him breathing………

 And all is ok

 The other Mum popped her lamb out in the same way …. one foot and head first … but did all the work herself.

 So 2 more lambs and I will let you know what tonight brings …………….

Some well deserved sleep for Kate hopefully.

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