Lambing live 2012 …….. Half way there!

So we are getting there and we now have a fine display of ewes and lambs sunning themselves in Hentonville, our fox proof chicken enclosure.

Our lambs now vary from 2 weeks old to 36hours and we have 8 ewes left to lamb.

Yesterday the weather was fantastic, so we had the barn open and all the animals enjoyed the warmth.

Our chickens are very free range, yet have the fox protection of Hentonville, our 6 foot high, 1 foot deep, electric strand on the top, fenced enclosure. They just love dust baths and also digging dips to shelter when it is windy…… I dont think enriched caged birds get this pleasure!! It makes walking around in the dark a little tricky, in case an hole is fallen into! But it is great to see them relaxing in the sunshine.

 Dawn is enjoying her new pad, but not really showing signs of farrowing soon. She is such a drama queen, but it worked and she got a single pad…….. fit for a prima donna!

With all this sheep business going on Russell has spent some time in his pen.

And as an intelligent animal, he has of course worked out that he can jump, from the top of his house…… over the fence and out!!

So today Dale is helping out and Kate is sorting out the courier delivery of our hoggett, year old lamb….. a depth of flavour that is just amazing.  She is then off to the butchers to oversee the cutting and packing in accordance to each persons order. I did the night shift last night and it was a quiet night and Kate tells me I don’t look as bad as I have done recently……. we have been so very tired!

So we are looking forward to a busy but good day, and maybe a nice lambing later. We have 3 due before the weekend, so this little bit of respite since tuesday has been great.

Check out our website if you want to see what else we offer, and also contact us if you want to put you name down for Autumn lamb or Hoggett for next Spring.


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