Muck…. not filth!

So apparently is the time to spread muck on the fields to put nitrogen into the soil. We have muck……. 150 chickens do produce plenty, although I am told, probably not enough.

So James and Kate have been talking muck spreaders and looking on ebay and all over in their attempt to find another bit of farming history for our little farm. The Chris, up the lane, one of our dearest friendly farmer supporters introduced us to his old muck spreader.

Fantastic eh!

 So I guess we will be burning some deisel tomorrow speading muck… or I think James will, we wont be able to keep him of it.

And the lambing continues.

This little bobby dazzler was born yesterday afternoon, and with Kate at the butchers, it was the first one I have been responsible for. Luckily Dale was there too, and he really has been a bonus this week 🙂

We had to take one of our lambs to the vet today as it was limping. We had had a good look yesterday and bathed it, but it was still hobbling. So I was sent to catch hoppity! Then we drove with it on my knee through the rush hour traffic to the vet. It seems that in between the toes of the lamb they can get a bit of infection and sure enough it was a bit infected. So a 5 day course of antibiotics and daily bathing ( foot only!)

Back with Mum 🙂  Catching her should be fun as she gets better!

So all is well here tonight. Lisa is on duty in the barn, Linda is driving down from Edinburgh to lend her support and we are over half way through lambing now. We have been so lucky, since we moved to Worcestershire and started this adventure, to have the support of friends and family, and we are really grateful, especially now! Tara, Katrina, Lisa, James, Sharon, Dale, and Emma have been wonderful, getting stuck in and brilliant support. Kate’s Mum came over on tuesday and took our washing and Peter, lamb watched the other evening. Jenny came and took over and made us a hot meal on tuesday and all in all we have been very supported. We feel very blessed 🙂

Anyway Kate is back now from the Droitwich egg round and I must sort out some tea…….. luckily friday eve is easy as we do an eggs for soup swap and tonight it is red pepper and rocket mmmn!

So check out the website if you want to know more …..

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