Lambing Live 2012 Two thirds of the way there !

So we had two little twin boys delivered by their midwife Kate yesterday at about 18.30hrs. Mother and sons doing well 🙂

Other wise life has been sunny!

Hoppity is getting more difficult to catch, although we managed


The lambs have formed a gang and are playing out when it is cooler……….


This my gorgeous bonny little lamb having a wee……..

And this is her realizing ……… that she has just had her photo taken whilst having a wee !!


It has been so hot today that we have made wallows for the pigs and also built some extra shade for the lambs.

And that is just about it…….. Kate is off to college tomorrow and will be talking turkey…… as we firm up our plans for growing some turkeys for Christmas……… and also all of you blog followers who like our sausages and sausage meat………. we are doing some the first week in April…… so get your orders in…..the easiest way being by contacting us through our website……….

Ok enough of this sitting down………. I am off to wander about in the sun for a bit doing the evening rounds……. life is good !



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