Lambing Live 2012 and on and on………

So only 5 ewes left to lamb 🙂 but quite a long time for them to do it in. No one due anytime soon, so we remain on standby……… not stood down!

Yesterday was moving day for my Mum, as she moved into her new bungalow in Droitwich. So it was typical that we had a ewe lambing slowely from 3.30 am to 5 am. Mum ( the ewe ) was not interested in mothering and so we have been nursing a rather weak lamb in the caravan, in front of the fire……… in this very appropriate box! Mum’s removal company Lambs were brilliant for the record.

We have fed her by tube and now she is taking the bottle….. Tara has milked her Mum this evening… the ewe ………. this is all very confusing!

Fed and warm !

Exploring the caravan …….. and slightly phased by the pattern on the floor!

So other than that we have been gardening 🙂

weeding ………..

and tidying………

and Dale…………. has been used and  abused by his Aunts 🙂

Latest news on the lamb from the barn is that Mum and daughter are communicating, and who know…….. watch this space. It really is an emotional roller coaster this lambing business.




2 thoughts on “Lambing Live 2012 and on and on………

  1. linda Bywater

    Poor Dale! Are there not laws against such abuse? 😦 Love the Lambs box. You really couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate removal company 🙂

  2. Uncle John

    You wouldn’t get me back outside after I’d been bottle fed and allowed to sleep on a red blanket by the fire. Keep your outside I’d say.

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