Lambing Live 2012 A Good Friday!

So today I was going to have a lie in 🙂 and I had declared that I was not going to get up until it was 4.5 degrees outside! It had been a cold night -2.7 brrrr !

So Kate went off to start the rounds and I snuggled down……… to be disturbed 5 minutes later by Kate letting me know that the fluffy ewe had started lambing and was pushing already! So with the temperature at 4.2 I got dressed.

And when Kate had finished the rounds we watched and waited and had coffe and home made cake for breakfast.

It was a huge lamb, one foot forward and a big head. Kate needed to assist towards the end… but Mum did well.

The little lamb……… or not so little lamb rallied well but was very slow to get on her long legs.

So we now have a long legged lamb and a short legged Mum, but we are positive she will do OK. Kate is on watch tonight as feeding is a little tricky but I feel quite good about it all.

We have just got home from the Droitwich egg round and are cooking some of our award winning sausages for tea.

Other things happening this week have been

the trench and ducting have been sorted for the elecricity supply….. due to complete at the end of the month.

And Russel had a brief sojorn in the caravan

Appealing as he looks …. it won’t be repeated for quite some time.

So once again all is well at Willow Farm, and life is good …. if a little exhausting!

2 thoughts on “Lambing Live 2012 A Good Friday!

  1. Ali & Pete

    Happy to know all is well at Willow Farm and little (or rather …big) lambs continue to make their way into the world. All well but hectic here….hope that won’t keep us away from you for too much longer. Much love A & P xx

  2. Uncle John

    Hi Girls,
    You haven’t mentioned a total lately – whats the score ?
    Just how big is the Willow Tree flock now ?
    Kep warm

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