A Grand Day Off

So yesterday Kate and I had a grand day off 🙂

Of course we did the morning rounds together and then we went off looking for Pirates!

Kate’s little Sister Emma and the family were on a weeks hols on a canal boat and were nearby on the River Severn.

 So having waved and hollered we went on our merry way to Shrawley Woods to walk the dogs.

Benson and Russel couldn’t believe their luck….. both of us out a walk together!!

and then we headed off to the local pub for a sandwich and chips 🙂 We sure do know how to have a good time.

We then headed home and slept for 2 hours before evening rounds……. what a great day !

And today…….. we have planted potatoes, beans and peas and the caravan is sparkling.

And the lambing live total so far = 13 lambs making our flock total 33 and 4 more ewes to go………. maybe !


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