Reasons to be cheerfull !

In 18 days time our life here at Willow Farm will be transformed 🙂 We are getting proper mains electricity to our plug sockets !!!

We have been living here for over a year with our trusty generator providing our power, so we have not been totally bereft of electricity ….. but Wow our life will be transformed.

No more having to get up in the mornings and going out to the barn to turn the generator on in order to power the  pump to get water from our bore hole.

No more needing the generator on in order to be able to have light.

We will be able to read in bed, without then having to go out to turn the generator off.

No more loud growling sounds as the generator does its stuff…. just silent current streaming onto our farm.

No more worrying we will run out of petrol.

No more trips to the garage to refill the cans.

Constant water supply to our pig trough and chicken drinkers which Kate has cleverly plumbed in and are controlled by ball cocks.

No more empty finding the tap empty when wanting to fill the kettle, or do the washing up.

Power for our washing machine, so no more driving over to Droitwich and filling Kate’s parents washing machine with straw.

We will be able to run the little oil filled radiator that the generator is not powerfull enough to run, so Kate can work in comfort in her office and not take over the caravan with paperwork.

The barn will be lit and the toilet in the barn will have a light, so we wont need to keep the door open!

The fridge will work all the time.

We can run a freezer on the farm…… Ice Cream….. frozen peas…. ice cubes.

And so many other good things we have not even realised yet!!!

Today I came home from work and saw the electric box sited and ready….. I am very excited!

I am also excited about how the veg plot is shaping up.

Dale worked like a trooper yesterday 🙂

And I did not spend all my time sat in my shed.

This shed was offered to us by someone who used to keep goats in it. They thought we could use it for the pigs…. Kate deemed it unfit for pigs …. but hey ho I got a new shed 🙂 I am planning on painting it cream.

So there is an air of excitement here on Willow Farm, mainly generated by me as Kate has been snowed under with paperwork project managing the process, and life is good 🙂

6 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerfull !

  1. Sam Merridale

    David and I both think that the resultant book from all this will be a best seller, and we can’t wait to read it! Well done with the ‘leccy – and you must publish the recipe for the very first thing you cook in your new electric oven!!

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