Piglet Watch … the build up !

May is going to be blooming marvelous……. not only will we have electricity 🙂 but we will have piglets !

So today I got home from work and noticed this

The hole was not new but the lovely barriers to stop us falling in were….. this can only mean ….electricity is getting closer! Next friday 27th is go live day…. with our connection occuring the following Monday…… so exciting. Kate the other night was saying that she will miss the candle lit evenings we have…….. but the following morning when I was going out in the rain to put the generator on I was not feeling so kindly about not having mains power.

 Another suprise this week was this little ram lamb … making our total 14 so far. We woke to find him nearly dry having been born quietly a few hours earlier. Mum and son are doing well.

Dawn continues to try and convince us she is pregnant and has been gathering straw and becoming house proud. Annie and Linda were talking in the office today about how they did similar before they gave birth to their girls….. not so much the straw bit I guess! If she is she is due in the next 2 weeks.

As is Sapphire……… but with her there is no doubt that she will produce.

 And she has now booked herself into her maternity suite 🙂

She is settling in well and eating and resting alot of the time.

So we wait ……….. Sapphire due date is May 1st …. we think…… so watch this space 🙂

Other things happening = the tipping ball cock controlled water troughs are plumbed in. Pig moves happening over the next few days.

It is raining 🙂

We have recovered, or rather had recovered all the data we thought we had lost from our broken hard drive… so all our photos of Willow Farm the early days and life before Willow Farm ie holiday photos are recovered plus all our music 🙂

Our Willow Farm leaflet is also just back from the printers and we are very pleased with it ……… and well I guess we are still living the dream 🙂 And it is nearly the weekend 🙂 when I get to play out on the farm 🙂

Oh yes check out our website at littleblackpig.co.uk




3 thoughts on “Piglet Watch … the build up !

  1. Clare Blackburn

    Sounds like you are on a roll! Don’t you love it when a p,an come together! – just love reading these posts in Jamaica. I hear you about mains electricity and mains water – will never take them for granted again!!! I am going to try and stop on one of our journeys up and down to/from Yorkshire!!

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