Pig tales!

So moving pigs today 🙂 Dale has spent time this week getting the tipping troughs ready and James and Lisa both helped with the preparation yesterday. So today we could get the moving completed.

Our Saddleback pigs and Saddleback crosses are excellent rooters and have turned over their patches very thoroughly so today we have moved them into new pens .. each with a tipping trough.

Our friend Katrina came to play out today and her help was greatly appreciated.

I did not manage to get a photo of her coaxing this pig back from her wander ……

But she is now safely in her new pen ……….. the pig not Katrina !

Kate pulled the pig arcs into position, while Katrina and I made the pens, using electric fencing.

This little chap is our Middlewhite Boar …. what a cute pig 🙂

And a great digger!

I have not done much of this smiling thing today as it has been hard work and I am tired ……… but now I am in the caravan with liver and bacon casserole in the stove the evening is looking good.

All the pigs are in the right place and the sheep…. rather bedraggled are ok!

So that is another weekend nearly over………. just need to iron my uniforms for tomorrow 😦


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