Lovely weather for ducks


What a lot of weather we have had today!

We started off with beautiful sunshine and then this afternoon it has rained and hailed! So we have done what we can as best we can.

I spent some time this morning potting things, whilst Kate went to the butchers. Then lots of men in high viz vests came over and pulled the electricity cable through from the end of the lane to the farm 🙂

So we are getting close to having power. On friday they are working on the sub station so our unfortunate neighbours will be without power for most of the day. Then on monday we get the meter fixed and hey presto we will be live !

Our new electric cooker was delivered today and that will be installed sometime after we are on the mains. So tonight when I go out to turn the generator off…. it will be tinged with slight sadness as it will soon become a thing of the past…….. when I say slight sadness…. it is very slight!

Sapphire has settled down in her maternity suite……. a week today piglets 🙂 whilst I am at work 😦 They are due around 1pm if the 3 months 3 weeks 3 hours 3 mins gestation period is correct. Kate saw her being served ( not overarm ) when she was doing morning rounds a few moths ago. So watch this space …. I will be keen to be home sharp that day!

So exciting times ahead….. when is it ever dull here on Willow Farm ?

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