Lambing live 2012 the end and the barn reclaiming begins!

So today we declared lambing live 2012 officially over ……… 14 little and not so little lambs…… 2 pairs of twins and the rest singles. We turnied our last mum and little one out of the barn.

And the three non mums that have been free loading eating lots and larking around in the barn were turned out too! So other than Sapphire……… who is due to have piglets on tuesday ……. that is in 3 days time! the barn is empty of livestock.

So with the power connection being completed on monday we need to make space for our lovely electrician, to finish the fitting of lights and cables and power sockets. So once more it is no peace for the wicked!

 Our electric cooker arrived this week and one day it will be installed in the caravan 🙂

We spent some time this morning with the pigs who are in varying degrees of mud.

The forcast for tomorrow is rain and wind and rain and wind, so we have been glad to have a little respite today. Especially as the fencing guys have been here.

 Lots of tractor talk was occurring……… I had never realised quite what a girlie I was ………. I like riding on the tractor but tractor talk does nothing for me!

Mr Bakewell has put up all our external and internal fences to date and we are very pleased with the job he does. We are dividing up the big field, fencing off the trees, fencing off the veg plot and making a proper quarentine paddock…. well Mr Bakewell’s guys are. We are also going to replace our main gates with wooden ones, as I have always wanted wooden ones.

I think Willow Farm etched into the wood and blackened would look cool………….

Otherwise things are ok! I worked hard until 3 then needed to lie down. I am about to do the evening rounds before it rains again.

We have pork fillett marinading in lemon juice, olive oil and oregano, which I will grill later to have with rice and broccoli. Little black pig pork of course !!!

Ok enough procrastinating…… I had better get outside again …….. show willing and all that 🙂


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