Holding down the caravan!

Wowee what a lot of wind and rain!

So this morning we are stopping the caravan from blowing away by sitting in it, with the stove lit 🙂 and the kettle on.

That little lamb we put out yesterday with its Mum was cold and miserable so we brought it in. Took its temperature and it was hypothermic 38.1 degrees. So we fed it and kept it in with us.

Benson thinks it is great … he shows no interest in the lamb but is very pleased the fires is lit.

The lamb is feeding well and has now got up to temperature again.

So another cup of coffee for us, some more milk for the lamb and we are thinking about taking him out again to be back with his Mum.


2 thoughts on “Holding down the caravan!

  1. Sam Merridale

    Hmm I bet he wasnt too impressed about being booted back outside in the rain, after the nice warm straw filled box!

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