Power to Willow Farm!

Not in a  Wolfy Smith way although………….. no…….. we have electricity at last!

We have been living here for 13 months dependent on a generator for our power and now we have mains electric 🙂

We were live by the time I got home from work yesterday and it is so very quiet.

The washing machine works 🙂

We can just turn the lights on and off and this morning no one has been out to turn the generator on ( in the rain) and we have water and can have a shower straight away.

It feels so different here….. not like camping anymore 🙂 I mean camping is great but this is better.

The meter disappointingly did not say 0000000 when it was installed, a bit like buying a brand new car with miles on the clock already ……… but hey it still works.

So today I may get the cooker installed in the caravan, the fencing guys are coming to do more of their stuff………. oh yes and Sapphire is due her piglets 🙂

Another exciting day ahead……….. but I had better get ready for work!

2 thoughts on “Power to Willow Farm!

  1. Linda Bywater

    Congratulations both! Welcome to the 21st century 🙂 Whatever next I wonder. Moving pictures maybe? 🙂

  2. JR

    Great News!!! Congratulations, You have had to work hard for this sweetener which will make your lives so much easier.

    Catch up with you both soon

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