Piglets !?

No not yet we are still waiting! So much for 3 months three weeks 3 days 3 hours eh! Although Alfred was living with her at the time 😉

Kate reckoned she could feel the little piglets heart beats last night………… Kates guess is 12 piglets and mine guess is 14 !

So this morning no pictures of little piglets ……. sorry ………. but here are last evenings lamb photos.

This last photo shows 5P who was our last lamb and had to be warmed up on Sunday in the caravan.

We have also had a couple of stiles put in……….. demonstrated with a certain style here!

And today ……. Kate is meant to be at the Butchers all day and I am at work with no early finish. The fencing guys finish up today and Stuart the electrician is wiring in the new cooker, putting lights in the barn and a few plugs plus other stuff. So once more a differently exciting day 🙂

Oh yes and piglets must come today surely!


Website link       littleblackpig

One thought on “Piglets !?

  1. Sam Merridale

    Hope you are by now pigletting,, good luck! Can you post another pic of Bonnie? She’s sooo pretty!! X

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