Not quite what we had expected!

Today we have had a bit of a day really, and not in a way we want to repeat. I almost don’t want to blog about it but having been blogging about imminent farrowing it would not be right to go mute.

So this morning at 5 am Kate did her 2 hourly check on Sapphire and things were not right. So together  we investigated and found that she had had one live piglet and produced 4 others who were dead and possibly only one of the dead piglets was ever viable.

Now Sapphire is a huge pig and we had been expecting 12 – 14 piglets so we checked to make sure that there were no others stuck in transit………. and could not feel anything {Kate interjecting here: Ali did the whole James Herriot thing…right up to her armpit – very impressive}. We rang the vet for advice………. lovely Stefan…….. and he came out and had a feel too and there were no more waiting to be born. I was tempted anotate with a sad face in then but actually that just trivialises a very serious day.

The good news is that Mum and piglet are doing well………. but that is really all the good news.  Well as we are saying round here – “that’s farming! you just have to take the rough with the rough!!” So we’ll be looking into finding another boar to try … and doing everything else we can think of to make our next farrowing more successful. In the meantime here are some pictures of a very healthy piglet with free range at the milk bar!







So having had a pretty terrible day today ……. and just having cleaned the caravan within an inch of it’s life……….. tomorrows jobs look quite appealing…….

A bit of spreading called for  !


6 thoughts on “Not quite what we had expected!

  1. Ali & Pete

    So sorry about Sapphire’s piglets – a sad day for you but no doubt many good days to come. Loads of love x

  2. Uncle John

    Sad do girls, will you have to strip Saphire of the surplus or can you find some orphans to drink at this free milk bar ? Don’t let her get poorly from the over production of milk. Was the piglet a sow or a greedy little fellow ? Keep smiling

  3. Sam Merridale

    Very sad. As you say – thats farming,but doesnt make it any easier. At least she has the one to look after, and he looks a corker! Hope you’re both OK. X

  4. sally

    Sad day.Look after the little one. Hopefully some more will arrive in the near future , keep up the good work! sounds like you are busy bees!!!

  5. linda Bywater

    Just read your blog. Absolutely devastated for you both. Life’s a bitch sometimes. Should I bring cake tomorrow?!! XX

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