Today the sun shone

We have had so many lovely people making contact and sharing kind thoughts with us that I can’t go to bed without thanking people and letting you all know that it is business as usual here at Willow Farm. We are lucky to know so many great people 🙂

Yesterday was a very sad day but we have a business to run and livestock dependant on us so we can’t wallow………… unlike the pigs!

So today Kate spread her asphalt and made the entrance look good. I took no pictures cos I was busy with the electric fence down with the pigs! Katrina and Charlotte will appreciate the trials and tribulations of electric fences…. they have helped above and beyond with fencing in the past through blizzards and cold……..

Anyway today was all about making fencing secure enough to contain the yobs and the piglets .(they have outgrown that name) They have been breaking through the fences for the last week and today was the day we took back control!

So we loaded the pigs into the trailer and took them off to the paddock.



 And I renewed the electric fence wire …. tediously dull work but so very vital !

And Sapphire and her piglet …………

lots of sleeping


and the occasional wandering about!

More picture soon……….. 🙂

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