Little Black Pig on Tour!

We have been away 🙂 Just the one night to stay with Jane ( Button) Walker’s parents the lovely Jean and Jim.  When we were farm less and had a camper van we used to go off on campervan convoy with Jane and Tony ( Chubbyknees). But now we have a smallholding and they have the very beautiful Molly, we just don’t get to see them enough. So a cunning plan was hatched for us to see T and J and for Jane’s parents to get to spend an evening with Molly whilst we swanned off for a lovely pub meal. So Sheffield was our destination and ok so we left the farm at 2pm and not 9am as planned and had to go with trailer attached as we were picking up some pigs near Chesterfield today………… but hey ………..we were off on tour!

It had been planned between Jane and I as a suprise trip ……….. but I am rubbish at keeping secrets from Kate 😉 so she has known for a couple of months and really she needed it just for us to both get away together. James looked after the farm and I think he may have moved in as he is still here, running the topper round the trees near the main road…. ie cutting the grass with the tractor.

On our way to collect the pigs we popped into see our friends Jo and Veronica who have been great support and help over these past few years. Firstly imparting lots of their bee knowledge with us and secondly sharing their Ryeland Sheep know how and supplying us with our first sheep. They have a lovely holding near Ashover in Derbyshire and have just converted their barn into a holiday cottage……… which if ever we get away again and it is available we would love to rent. They have just started a blog  so you can fill your boots and follow them too! Their website is


This is a picture of Acorn Cottage their holiday cottage…….. it looks amazing 🙂

If you are wondering why Veronica is wearing her bee suit ……… well they had just had a big swarm in one of their trees and we helped them catch it !!! Lets just say …. it was scary !! There place is just a little bit of heaven in Derbyshire and we know have cow envy as they have two lovely Holstein Hereford crosses…….. one day !

So onto Tom, jsust stopping briefly at the Poets at Ashover for some food.

So Tom, we have known since he sold us our first 4 chickens when we had a house and garden……… many moons ago. He runs a tidy farm near Chesterfield …. Little Moreton Farm with of course its website He has continued to supply us with chickens and housing and when he heard of our harrowing farrowing he offered us two of his older Berkshire sows who have been running ( not too fast we hope) with the boar! What a lovely man 🙂



So loaded up we set off home………. arriving at 5.30pm.

We then had to unload the new old sows and clean out the trailer and load one of our Saddlebacks who is going off tomorrow morning. It could have gone easily and unloading did.



Then it all went pear shaped !!

In order to load the pig we had to turn off the electric fence and Dawn and Alfred went on a walk about!!

Alfred was interested in eyeing up the ladies ………


Eventually order was restored !


And we heaved a huge sigh of ……….. exhaustion……….

Now movement licence is completed ready for tomorrow, Kate is revising for her Tractor spraying exam tomorrow at 11am which is after she has taken the pig to the …… on a trip…… and seen Ann our accountant. My sandwiches are made ready for work tomorrow and everything is all right at Willow Farm 🙂

Jo asked me today if I would do it again ………… start a smallholding………… I said a resounding yes 🙂 and even though we have had some trials and bad luck at times ………. on balance we are having the adventure of a lifetime, loving it and LIVING THE DREAM 🙂 It is just there are not enough hours in the day, our animals all have minds of their own and we don’t get enough time to see friends far away or even quite close by! Kate was really upset not to have met up with her good friend Di, who is only over from the States for a short time. This is the downside of this crazy life.

This little piglet is one of the very good things 🙂


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