Russell is a Star !

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Kate and Russell the other morning! But I will try ………….

We have a lamb with a bit of a limp at the moment, and we wanted to have a look at it. We have spent a few damp evenings rounding them up recently and with the forecast set to be awful that evening I suggested we have a look in the morning before I went to work. So I went off to feed the pigs and Russell and Kate went to gather the sheep.

5mins later when I arrived the sheep were all gathered and Russell held them with his steely stare whilst Kate caught the lamb and checked it over. It seems to be improving 🙂

Kate has been talking about running the sheep and lambs down the lane from Jean’s field where they ae currently grazing!!!! I have my fears !!!!! We were going to do it today however Kate and Russell have gone to the beach……… after delivering half a pig to Ashley, one of our best customers 🙂

Last evening we moved the rams and started to move the other girls.

But is got a bit dark.

So while Kat is finishing cleaning out the chickens, I will quickly make some red cabbage ready to go with our Roast Pork lunch tomorrow……… then I have a some great piglet pics to look through and littleblackpig the movie to sort out.

One thought on “Russell is a Star !

  1. Ashley

    Good old Russ, and Kate of course. Sadly Russ didn’t get a run on the beach as there are no dogs allowed between May and September but he had a good stroll along the prom. The pig is safely unpacked and we’re just about to make our very first faggots and some brawn with the head we had last time and have been keeping in the deep freeze. We’ll let you know how we get on!

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