A change of luck would be nice …. please !

Ok so usually I blog about good things……….. sometimes things are not so good and I do blog about those too.

At the moment we are experiencing one of those not so great times……………..

Dorothy is not very well. We both had a good look at her yesterday and decided that what with feeding her two little nippers she was beginning to look a little scrawny. So this morning Kate increased her feed……. then this evening ….. she really was not interested and had not eaten her breakfast! Major alarm bells to a pig farmer…………… so this evening has been all about checking her temperature …… raised !! Ringing the vet and taking her over to Stourport for a consultation.

We ….. um Kate also checked her milk and found it had dried up so …….. little piglets are now being weaned early  ( for us ) at 3 weeks as Mum is too poorly to feed them.

So pictures of this evening follow

Despite feeling proper poorly Dorothy walked into the trailer very willingly.

Leaving 2 little piglets behind!

We were unsure as to how much and when they had last fed ……….. and wanted to catch them !!

They were not for being lured …. with tempting bottles of milk ……………

But we got them safely into the trailer too ( front section)

 Quick call from the vet and all set to see him at 8pm.

So piglets settled into the barn and we went off with Dorothy to see the lovely vet. Who did not have the best of news……. yes her temperature is raised……….. and she seems to have some pv discharge ( I am not going into details ) so antibiotics, anti inflammatories and fingers crossed. The vet has warned us she may not survive so we will have everything crossed that she pulls through.

Meanwhile the piglets are snuggled up for the night and drinking their milk from a dog bowl.

So it is kind of watch this space as we care for Dorothy and hopefully help her pull through………. she is such a great Mum and a lovely natured pig.

Well reading this back has reduced me to tears …………….. sorry to share some of the grief ………….. fingers crossed eh!


6 thoughts on “A change of luck would be nice …. please !

  1. scattysmallholder

    You are obviously very caring and loving and have acted quickly. I am sure Dorothy will be fine. Thinking of you all, both pigs and peoples.
    Let us know how everything goes. Love Scattysmallholder.xx

  2. Linda Bywater

    Really sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you at yet another stressful time and hope and pray all will be well.xx

  3. Ali & Pete

    So sorry to hear about Dorothy – hope she pulls through OK. Currently on holiday on south coast and thinking of you and your pig/piglets. xx

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