Willow Farm latest

Well first of all Dorothy is still with us, still poorly and although I can’t help but be optomistic Kate is not convinced she will pull through.

This morning she was quite cold with a sub normal temperature so we moved her into the barn, and actually put the oil filled radiator on next to where she was. She has had 3 bananas, 4 apples and turned her nose up at her food. Kate has just phoned having just finished the Droitwich egg round to say we need to give her her last antibiotic injection later. So we are still keeping our fingers crossed and holding our breath.

Her little piglets are absolutely fine.

Otherwise today has been a busy day, as usual.

Kate went to college to hand in her final piece of work, her course project 🙂

And Emma and I moved some pigs around.

Firstly Sapphire and her little piglet were moved down into an arc in the field with the other pigs. Sapphire was as good as gold and just trotted into the trailer….. the piglet did laps of the pen being too scared to cross the electric fence …. until Sapphire came back for her 🙂


Then we moved 2 of the Saddleback / Middlewhite crosses up into the pen near the caravan. The reason behind this is …..

They both seem to be with piglet ! Also not that far off farrowing ….. who’s the Daddy ? Well it is not Alfred …. we can only assume it is Babe….. who has grown up before our very eyes!

So they are closer so we can keep an eye on them ….. no idea when they are due !!

I think they like their new abode 🙂

So who knows what tomorrow will bring ……… the shearer we hope and some better luck !

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