Sheep shearing day

Yesterday was full on as Alan Scorer, one of Kate’s tutors from Moreton Morrell College, was coming to shear our sheep 🙂 So after morning rounds, and delivering an order for sausages and eggs locally, we gathered the sheep.

This really long sheep is actually Kermit and Napoleon………… what wooly sheep we have !!

So Alan arrived and set up at the top of Hentonville Lane

And very soon the fleeces were being rolled and stored.

The lambs were not sure what we were doing to their Mums!

So Alan got going

And Kate had a quick tutorial

And then it was all done

Alan was great and did a tidy job 🙂 and we hope to he will shear them again next year.

Other news:

Dorothy is still not very well and off to see the vet again tomorrow. I am also of to the Drs in the morning as I have been in bed all day with a temp and sore throat. I am not making myself feel any better by listening to the footie on the radio…….. England v Italy !!!

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