How is Dorothy and all the latest !!

So how is Dorothy ….. see for yourselves just click on the you tube link 🙂

She is skinny but now eating well and seems to be improving day by day 🙂

Her piglets are very strong , feisty and Trouble with a capital T


We are also on piglet watch for our two Saddleback/ Middlewhite Cross pigs who we must name ….. Lucky and Fortunate perhaps ? Anyone with better suggestions for names just get in touch!

We are also launching our on line shop  … as per Kate’s earlier blog….What is more you can now connect to it via the website  and yes Sam we do deliver as far as Yorkshire and beyond  !!

Ok other than that it is business as usual although I am still recovering from a nasty throat infection, so I am lazing about still whilst Kate does all the work. She is currently off at the butchers cutting and packing bacon …. so I am hoping that she will have dropped some on the floor or miscut some as that is the only way we get to taste our bacon these days as it flies off the shelves. Bacon sandwiches for breakfast tomorrow sound great to me 🙂

3 thoughts on “How is Dorothy and all the latest !!

  1. Ali & Pete

    So glad Dorothy is better! Just back from hols and working right through till after the Olympics – wanted to visit but the best laid plans…!
    Will be up to see you when things calm down again. Much love from both of us x

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