Hey new piglets born Friday evening!

I have just been out for yet another look ….. they are the cutest little Middlewhite/ Saddleback crosses born Friday evening around 7.30 pm

New piglets video

Kate did not realise I was taking this video …… here next os one she made from right inside the arc

Kate’s eye view

They are just the cutest little things, 2 are sort of saddlebacked markings and 4 are really shiny white all are covered in a downy hair and so very clean.  Lucky is being a great Mum and Auntie Fortunate is being good too. Auntie is about 4 days off having her litter and we are hoping for as easy a delivery.

Other than that we had our first customer ordering from our on line shop ……….. 20lbs of sausages delivered to their door !!!! They must know how quickly we can sell out…… we are making more on Wednesday 🙂 You can order some too via our website.    I may have to start using it myself as the back bacon Kate cut on friday has all been sold 😦 and she doesn’t drop as much and there don’t seem to be as many mis shapes so my bacon supplies are minimal!!



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