Auntie Fortunate ‘s piglets arrive !

So yesterday  I got home from work to Kate doing evening rounds and the news that Auntie Fortunate had just farrowed 4 piglets ….. 5 by the time I got my wellies on and poked my head in.

newly born piglets suckling

They are so cute….. again Saddleback Middle white crosses but very different tin markings. It is a watching game as Mum bonds and feeds them and keeps them warm. This morning I have fed Mum and they are all in a pile snoozing away.

Meanwhile Mum Lucky …. well her 4 day old piglets yesterday were getting very brave … as 2 of them came out of the arc and investigated. They are so small they could get picked off by our local buzzard or even the cunning fox. So we are keen they keep close to Mum and don’t get too adventurous.

2piglets first outing

For those of you frustrated by these videos I will take some pictures too today 🙂

Anyhow … we have decided that in honor of our guests, staying and witnessing yesterdays farrowing, to rename Lucky and Fortunate …… Rhian and Isobel  in that order 🙂 And may they have many more piglets!!

So today we are having a bit of a day off…. rounds are done…. Kate is spending a couple of hours in the office sorting out sausage sales and deliveries for Friday and then we all off for a walk on this glorious July day.  Lunch at the Camp, a great pub on the Severn, meeting up with friends Tara and Nigel and a bit of an unwind 🙂 Sounds good to me !

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