Lovely lamb for tea :-)

I am sorry that I have been too busy to blog for a few days now …… life is just so hectic and we have had a few dry bits of the day to get out doing some of the long list of jobs outstanding!!

Anyway piglet news …….. piglet video

The 2 mums and all the piglets are now sleeping in the same arc in a bundle. This morning when the Mums were having breakfast the 11 piglets were just in one heap…… I will try to take a picture tomorrow and share it with you. All is well with them 🙂

And tonight I am cooking lamb chops .. grilled and new potatoes from our veg plot along with a few of our courgettes and some runner beans donated by Chris up the lane 🙂 so I cant be blogging for long. Chops about to go under the grill. …. done.

Kate is loading up the van as she has deliveries tomorrow to Sollihull and then the Droitwich egg round 🙂 So she will be busy selling our lovely produce. The lamb looks great and is lovely and lean … I think we may have some left so if you fancy some you can buy through our on line shop on the website …… website link

Other than that all is well and the weather looks like improving so pics and blog to come over the weekend I promise 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lovely lamb for tea :-)

  1. Sam Merridale

    Hey both! Love the video. How is Dorothy doing now – hope she has made a full recovery. Since you said you could deliver to Yorkshire, I bought a chest freezer…. So when we get back from France,, will be placing an order – to go with all the wine we have bought!! ;;o))

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