Ali in Charge 2012 !

What a beautiful day … and Kate is having a well earned weekend away… leaving me in charge 🙂

Luckily Katrina and Fraser were over today to help out and oh boy did we work ………..

Katrina’s friend Graham dropped by and delivered a huge load of straw, which we bagged up and rolled the round bales into the barn.

This is what is left …..

And this is what we moved !!

we filled 9 of these bags and have 5 round bales shifted into the barn 🙂

The piglets have been on parade today

So very cute 🙂

Sapphire’s piglet is growing up fast

And Dorothy continues to improve ……….

So all is well here on Willow Farm 🙂

I am quite tired and a bit achey but am waiting for a swarm of bees to be delivered later……….. and need to make sure all the chikens are locked in tonight as the electric fences don’t seem to be working 😦 but luckily James is here tomorrow and I know he likes a problem to sort out 🙂

So being in charge has been OK today and the weather has been great and Kate will be home soon 🙂

One thought on “Ali in Charge 2012 !

  1. Ali & Pete

    Happy to hear all is well at Willow Farm and hope Kate enjoyed her weekend off. Well done Ali for taking charge! Pete’s already left for the Olympics and I follow on Wednesday – see you when we get back. xx

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