The Good Life!

So what is news down here on Willow Farm? Well I have been away for a few days to Cambridge Folk Festival and had a wonderful time, great music, great company and living in a small tent for a few days has made me appreciate the luxery of caravan life!

Here at Willow Farm the piglets are growing

Some quite bed news is that the lambs have obviously been looking up our shop on line and seen that we are offering redcurrant jelly with half lamb orders and decided to take matters into their own hands and yesterday they broke into the veg plot and stripped the bushes bare!!!

They also ate the peas !

Nibbled the corn

and the pigs must have told them to eat the red cabbage too!

No smiley faces!

So not a good day yesterday but they didn’t eat everything 🙂

So all in all living the good life is still pretty good and we had a little chicken hatch out yesterday that one of our broody chickens has been sat on for a few weeks. Pictures to follow soon………….

The rams are sharing their field with our new Turkey house

And the turkeys are arriving in a couple of weeks. For more information check out our website by this link           website link and go to the shop, and while you are on the shop site give us some feedback……….. there is a choice of numbers of stars that you can award us………. 5 being the most 🙂

I must go now and do a little caravan work and get my uniforms pressed for work tomorrow, and an early night is in order too!

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