Now the Olympics are over I can think about blogging again!

What a fantastic couple of weeks and well done Team GB 🙂 but having watched the closing ceremony last night round at my Mum’s we are dog tired!

We are also dog tired because the weather has been kind to us this weekend and  we had a whole troop of friends helping out including Keiran pictured here greeting the dogs, so we had plans!

So Keiran and Tara cleaned out the chickens …….. and did a stirling job 🙂

James and Tina sorted out some new pig pens as we had some moving plans.

This little pig looks like butter would not melt in his mouth ……… but he and his siblings have turned into escape artists !

And are regularly running around the farm!

Poor Mum!

So yesterday we loaded them up and moved them into our secure padock!

and soon Mums and pigets were happily relocated.

All very happy:-)

My major task of the weekend was cutting the grass around the cherry trees along the lane.

yes there really are Cherry trees amongst this grass!

and Kate ………………………………………………. well

She was the boss ………….. for the day on Saturday 🙂

and on Sunday she and Russel rounded up the sheep 🙂

He was a star !

So a busy weekend, and a successful one for Team Willow Farm 🙂

It is now 9pm and Kate is just bringing the tractor in ………. she has just finished fox proofing the turkey house and it is an early night for us


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