If I had had my camera out this weekend ……….

If I had had my camera out this weekend I would have taken a great photo of Lisa ( muscles) carrying a lamb down the field !! Our lambs are now ready to go ………. and so no light weights and Tara , Lisa and I were moving one lamb out of Hentonville Lane ……….. badly ! So out of sheer frustration Lisa picked the lamb up and carried it through to the next field …………..Respect !!

Also if I had had my camera I would have taken a photo of the look of concentration on Tara’ s face as she got used to driving the tractor………… and another one when she mastered it and looked very happy !! 🙂

So the weekend just gone was a busy one, with Kate having a well deserved weekend off and I was in charge 🙂

So Lisa, Tara and I blitzed Hentonville, moving the little chicken houses and Lisa even moved the duck pond, digging a new hole !! Having seen her wrestling the lamb I was not going to disuade her when she suggested it!

Tara learnt how to drive the tractor and we had a bit of a sort out of the lambs, ewes and rams, making sure they were all where we wanted them.

We had 50 new chickens arrive on friday, so they have been confined to barracks for 48 hours and Cossette and I let them out this morning after finishing off their fencing.

Cossette is doing a bit of work experience with us and started today. She is wanting to study to become a vet and wanted some experience with pigs. So this afternoon we started to make the farrowing pens ready for our current 3 pregnant pigs. We also oiled the piglets and their Mums which was easier said than done.

So I am back to work tomorrow and Kate is back in charge ………… life is good……… especially as I managed a snooze this afternoon after Cossette had gone !


The duck enjoys her new pond 🙂


This is the size of lamb I can pick up!


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