A word of advice when jet washing out the pig trailer !

I have just finished cleaning out the pig trailer having moved pigs around the farm earlier on today. We have a pig going off tomorrow and the trailer needs to be clean and disinfected and ready to go.

So even though the pigs had only been in the trailer for about 40 mins in total, the trailer was full of pig poo !

So the secret of successful jet washing of the trailer is

1/ water proofs


2/ keep your mouth shut…………. especially when jet washing the corners as it sprays up and everywhere!!

So with that job done I am going to give the pigs fresh straw and then have a shower and wash my hair twice !

Here is one Kate has done earlier …………….. in true Blue Peter style.

Now it is September we are turning our thoughts to preparing for Christmas and looking after the turkeys is part of our routine now. They are growing well and enjoy spending the day in the conservatory ( run ) and get closed up in the house at dusk. You can order them through our website and on line shop. …. at littleblackpig.co.uk

Other than that it is pretty much business as usual 🙂

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