Friday evenings

Friday evenings when we lived in Matlock were all about getting home from work, getting clean and going down to the Boat House pub in Matlock and catching up with friends ……….. now it is a little bit different!

I get home from work just after 6 and Kate has already left to do our weekly egg round in Droitwich so ………… it is evening rounds for me 🙂 What a fantastic way to end my working (paid work) week.


First I fed the pigs …………. these are our piglets….. growing well.

This could be our next batch of piglets ……….. watch this space !

So then I topped up the chickens waters and jet washed out the trailer again…….

But a beautiful evening and a lovely dawn this morning.

Oh yes and we did go to our new local the Fruiterers Arms 🙂

So what for today ?


This afternoon we are hoping that our hay will get baled and then we need to get it into the barn …… hence an early start to get on with other things….. A bit of washing of clothes as it will be a great drying day

The secret is to pick the washing in before Russel does as he is very good at picking underwear off the line and leaving it around the farm!

The ducks are happier inside until the feather up a bit.

Ok coffee drunk…. so we are off out to start the day………… this could be one of our last days of this Indian Summer !

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