OK so I haven’t blogged for a while ….. sorry !

What can I say …………. We have been so busy here at Willow Farm that blogging has fallen down the priority list 😦 Also a few times when I have sat down to blog …. the internet signal has been pants and I have had to give up.

So a quick catch up…………..

Kate has fixed the toilet which was overflowing and leaking 🙂

We have bought a new fridge which weighs a ton and we had to get our friendly neighbourhood muscles in to help !

We also bought our hay in 🙂 and I was absolutely amazed at how pathetic I was at picking up the bales and stacking them 😦


Also our pregnant pig …… was brought into the barn to farrow as the nights have been colder and we wanted to use the heat lamp for the piglets.

She has now had 9 piglets and if I can remember my youtube log in I will post some links!

Also the ducklings are growing and now outside 🙂

So I hope I am forgiven and I will endevour to get some piglet pics on tomorrow 🙂 They are gorgeous 🙂

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