The turkeys are growing :-)

Being on holiday this week has been wonderful and Kate and I have fallen into a good pattern of me being up just as the sun is coming up and doing the early rounds and giving Kate a well desreved lie in …………… then I am having an afternoon snooze whilst Kate carries on working on that days project. So we are both feeling more rested and also getting things done and a bit of catch up time too.

The piglets are now out of the barn and enjoying the outside life.

This is them just before we moved them.

We also have started planning tupping and the rams got their mots yesterday in readiness. We are aiming for an April lambing next year……… for severell reasons, that Schmallenberg virus that was causing worry last year is still going to be a worry next year and it is transported by midges. Well yesterday we got midged ourselves. so the later we leave it the less chance of us being troubled by it. Also the Welsh mountain sheep that we bought a couple of weeks ago are a little on the skinny side at the moment and another couple of weeks fine eating would be good. It will also be slightly warmer and lighter in April…. .I will also have another years worth of annual leave to use some of, so that I can be useful 🙂

We also had a visit from a lady from the BBC, who has made contact about recording us in conversation with each other for an hour as part of the listening project. We have to talk to each other for an hour and to be honest I am a little nervous. Kate is good at these sort of things but well I am worried I will just dry up ……….. maybe I will not have decaff that day. So it is tuesday that we are going to BBC Hereford and Worcester to be recorded :-0  An early night on Monday should help.

Other wise this week has been great ……….. lots of fresh air and beautiful sunrises and yes  the turkeys are growing 🙂  There are still a some not sold so to be sure of having a Willow Farm turkey this Christmas order one now through our on line shop …………


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