Ali in charge 2012 !!

A couple of years ago and being in charge whilst Kate had a couple of days off was relatively easy 🙂 Now it is decidedly busier 😦 …………………..

So Kate and her Dad left the farm this morning to go off for a trip down to Plymouth to do some jobs on Peter and Susan’s boat. Great to have some time away together and for Kate a break from running the farm.

So today has been relatively easy, I have done am and pm rounds and moved some chicks out into Hentonville and also had time to go to M and S in Kidderminster with my Mum. However tomorrow is looking a bit more hectic………….. I have booked my car into the garage for 10am and am taking Mum to the Dentist for 11.20 and as I was doing the rounds this evening I noticed a sheep looking a bit sorry for itself. I have had a bit of a look but first thing tomorrow morning after the rounds I need to gather the sheep into Hentonville lane and have a better look. Luckily I have Russel to help me round them up 🙂 and Dale my nephew is coming over lunchtime to hold the sheep whilst I investigate. Oh what fun …… not! Also if I am too brilliant Kate will only expect me to do more of the sheep work and quite honestly dear ………………!!!! Anyway that is tomorrow.

So I am about to retire to the caravan and spend and evening reading by the fire which I lit earlier 🙂 Early night and then up and at it at first light……….. which actually is not until about 7

Just before I retire …………. I am on the office computer currently and was interested to see 2 pictures that Kate has on it …………

one is of a sheep dog feeding a lamb and just about sums up how far gone Kate is in the loving Russel stakes……….. honestly I think it wont be long before she is wearing Sheepdog jumpers and buying sheepdog puppy calenders !! She has changed !!!!!!!

The second one is from when Charlotte Smith from Farming Today came to interview her………… and it was all I heard about for weeks !

Anyway I am off now and even though I don’t have the nicest of days to look forward today I would not rather be a work !! Willow Farm wins hands down 🙂

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