Pastures New ………

So this morning Kate has left me again! Along with the trailer and her trusty sheepdog and is driving to North Wales. Unfortunately as we both had a day off yesterday we cant both leave the farm today and so I have been doing farmering. Kate is off to pick up some Welsh Mountain store lambs we are buying 🙂

Chris ( up the lane ) is renting us one of his fields, so we are expanding our sheep folk further and going to use it to graze the lambs Kate brings back today.

These three will be going to join them in pastures new. I have been up this morning and taken a water trough and filled it … so all is ready. Chris has done a beautiful job of fencing it and hung a new gate and it is only just past his bungalow so no far at all.

It started off this morning at -2 which was a bit of a shock to the system……… but the animals are all ok. I have done the morning rounds and topped up all the chicken food and found the ducks have moved in with the chickens.

and the little chicks are continuing to thrive.

as are the piglets

Have I mentioned that we have sold 4 of them as weaners and they will be collected at the end of November?

And honey ……………… we may get a few jars!

So I am about to have lunch and put my feet up for an hour as I still have to give all 7 pig arcs fresh straw, top up the grit for the chickens, do evening feeds for the pigs and collect the eggs……… as Kate wont be back until 5.30 ish and then we have to unload the sheep, clean the trailer and get everything ready for taking a pig to the abatoir tomorrow morning…………….. talking of tomorrow morning I had better find my stuff I need for  tomorrow and clean my shoes and make some sandwiches as I return to work tomorrow after 2 lovely weeks holiday. Refreshed and recharged and slightly achey 🙂

Did I mention that Kate and I had a day off yesterday 🙂 We went to Birmingham NEC to visit Grand Designs Live !! It was great and very useful and we are still on planning / working towards our dream of building an eco home on our land.

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