This weekend has been all about moving pigs ……..


Some of our pigs have rooted up all the grass in their pens so yesterday was spent enlarging their pens and making a combined boys paddock and a new pen for Mum and piglets and also a pen for Babe so that he and Sapphire’s piglet can get cosy 😉

So this mornings first job was to load Babe from the boys paddock and move him into his new home and give him a few days to settle in before his hot date arrives. Unfortunately loading one pig from a pen full of 9 pigs is not that easy. So I ended up with boys in the back of the trailer and Babe in pole unloading position. Our trailer has an internal gate which we move according to who and what we are loading. So by lunchtime Babe was unloaded 🙂

Next job was to load Mum and her piglets….. Mum was no problem and loaded into the back section easily…. she just walked in. The piglets however did not follow….. nor could they be tempted, herded or bribed! Eventually we had 7 piglets in ………… and 2 running around determined to evade capture. So we left them……………. and we left them and eventually as night fell ………… gave up. So we let Mum and 7 piglets out and left the trailer in their pen hoping to tempt them in tomorrow morning.

So by the time I get home from work tomorrow I expect pig moves to be completed and the trailer back in its usual position and clean 🙂

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