Keep up / Catch up !

Ok so I have not blogged for a couple of weeks 😦 Totally down to being too busy … but also now that the clocks have changed and the animals are tucked up early we have been out 3 times in the last 10 days! We saw Jenny Eclair, Skyfall and last night a Black Country Comedy duo at a fund raising event for the lacal hospice.

So this morning we lit the fire and slammed in the lamb 🙂 Shoulder of lamb on a bed of rosemary ….. and headed off to do the rounds.

We wanted to have a look at the livestock together which is always a good thing.

The piglets are gorgeous and don’t they know it !

Russel remains fascinated by them …………….. but Benson could not care less !!

The ducks have formed a proper gang

and Babe and Sapphires piglet are getting on well …. but no service so far !

We have not decided to paint the barn floor green…. although that is what it looks like! We are about to install a cold room/ refrigerated room in the barn and in order to do this we needed to skim the floor and we are painting it green so that it will be easy to keep clean and look clean when clean…. if you know what I mean.

Kate is currently reinforcing the fox proofing for the turkeys as we had a fox attack last night and he got away with one and left one dead. So we have the fox trap baited and Kate is making it impossible for him to get in….. he had actually broken through the netting on their conservatory / run despite the electric fence being on! Anyone who has ordered a turkey need not fret as we still can honour our orders….. just last minute people may well be disappointed.

I used Kate’s hair trimmers when I sheared that sheep a few weeks ago….. I must get round to replacing them………….

I even got around to a little bit  of gardening yesterday 🙂

So basically life continues to be good…. rounds are earlier in the afternoon and we are still toasty warm in the caravan.

Oh yes we got our CD back from the BBC , the recording from the Listening project. We don’t half sound alike… and it is not that dull, we do laugh a lot…… 🙂

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