Funny old times !

Firstly I must start by thanking our good friends Tara and Nigel for this addition to Willow Farm.  They kindly remebered us when they were on holiday recently and bought us back this momento from Wales ……….. honestly guys a postcard would have been ok 🙂 So where to put it is our latest dilemma !!

We have had a tough few weeks as Kate has had a chest infection and been proper poorly……… coughing all night and rubbish all day….. not like her usual self at all. She is now on the mend and much better but not quite ok yet…….. although she is working like she is! I have been doing the rounds before work (in the dark) and that has had a few drawbacks …. in that I have not been able to see where the pigs are burying the electric fence wire so the fences went down and we had pigs everywhere on thursday !! However lovely Emma has saved our bacon by help out with the evening rounds and everyone has survivied 🙂

So a few weeks agon I took these pictures on my way to check the top sheep……….

So this is from the top of the lane near where we are keeping our other sheep looking back towards the farm.

This is the field next to us where the farmer is working.


The cabbage field opposite our new sheep….. and just for comparison ….. our cabbages !!!


and here are our sheep 🙂

Waiting for me to make an arse of myself climbing over the gate ………….. talking about making an arse of myself ……… I had alarmed the neighbours by singing along to my ipod whilst yomping up the lane ……… and what was I listening to ???? ….. just a little bit of Erasure !!! How I loved the 80’s

So any way back to Willow Farm

We are ok… keeping warm and the turkeys are doing just dandy 🙂

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